Thursday, 9 May 2013

Viva La Pubcast

"...the amount of coffee I've drank could kill a small horse, i swear."

First things first...i am fucking exhausted, i just want to get that across; but it was massively worth getting this blog back up and running and with a fresh look and a bit more character to it's self.

This season it's a shame that our last stretch for the top 4 hasn't been half as good as the activity that's come from Balls Deep Pubcast. Seeing as the pubcast has become relatively popular, more so than BamSam and my self would have ever imagined, we've decided to get our selves a little more organised, get the blog site looking more appealing and actually going about using the damn thing on a daily basis.
As well as this blog being used,by the two of us, i can imagine you'll find 80% Tottenham Hotspur based posts with the odd random post from our own lives, quite possibly.

But either way this is a big WELCOME from the two of us here at Balls Deep Towers (euphemism for penis) and hopefully this blog site provides you, the listeners, with one more channel of entertainment from the two of us.

- Deano

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