Saturday, 14 September 2013

All it takes is "Basics Gel"

All it takes is "Basics Gel"

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Norwich

Today's game, for me, was the official start to our premier league campaign; Etienne Capoue still a few weeks away from the recovery of his twisted ankle, Erik Lamela quite possibly not 100% match fit just yet but otherwise everyone, including Sandro and Kaboul are ready to get this years battle for a top 4 spot underway. And it brings me ridiculous amounts of joy and excitement to finally see the "void that needed filling" finally filled with the Dutch delight that is Christian Eriksen.
His debut performance today was nothing short of excellent, making 51 passes and covering a ridiculous amount of ground to want the ball at every end of the park, and something what feels like we haven't seen at White Hart Lane since scare crow rat faced boy turned his nose a whole hemisphere to move to Spain.

With Eriksen playing we are bound to start seeing the £26 million Soldado come to fire as'well as the rest of the squad being influenced in to the game; as i imagine we all felt like "awww'ing" with delight when Siggy was on the verge of bracing a hat trick! He's expressed how at home he already feels and how he's delighted to be at Tottenham but what matters is consistency. Our squad is already showing tremendous depth but, instantly, i noticed a change as soon as Eriksen left the pitch. The work horse Lewis Holtby is, obviously, the player to fall straight in to Eriksen's position; but unfortunately isn't as fluid or inspirational as what Eriksen clearly is! This is no bad wrap against Lewis Holtby at all because he is an utter bull dog for us, chasing down balls, covers more ground than expected and plays with absolute pride and passion every single time he pulls that shirt over him self, but, it's whether he can find that killer ball that Modric and now our Eriksen seem to find with ease. Saying all that we can't knock the squads performance today, at all. I can't remember the last time we looked so relaxed in play and practically commanded every inch of the field. We looked so in control that Hugo Lloris may as well have pulled up a sun lounger and sipped a Pina Calada. I am desperately trying not to get ahead of my self, but, consistency is obviously going to play a pivotal role in our battle for a top 4 position and here's to hoping that we don't fall too reliant on our new Dutch wonder boy. Hopefully his influence to the game can rub on to the entire squad.

- @DeanoSalter 

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